A cream with a superb restructuring action enriched by the soothing properties of yogurt and lavender. Suitable for dry hair damaged using aggressive chemical treatments such as colourings or perms or straightening. Repairs and regenerates the hair, enhancing its sheen, softness and thickness.

YOGURT: Protein are known for the invigorating effects on the hair. Lipids contained in it help to maintain the entirety of the cuticle and give brilliance and softness to the hair.

LAVENDER: Lavender essential oil is well known for its relaxing and soothing properties, very useful to give relief to the scalp whenever presents minor skin’s discomforts caused by external agents.


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  • STEP 1: After the shampoo use a bunch of conditioner. Once you have heated up the product with the hands apply it from the ends to the scalp.

    STEP 2: Let rest on your hair from 4 to 6 minutes. Best if used under a source of heat, such as a hot towel.

    STEP 3: Rinse with abundant warm water.

    STEP 4: Wipe the hair with a dry towel.

    STEP 5: Drying your hair

  • High quality products for dry and stressed hair damaged by chemical treatments and colourings. Hydrating line cleanses and softly nourishes the hair giving them body and volume with the nourishing properties of specific essential oils. After the treatment the hair become tidy and softer.