Hydrating gel, with soy and oat, enriched by natural extracts of peppermint and eucalyptus, ideal for shaping all types of hair. Gives body and brilliance to the hair without drying them out and without leaving residual on the skin. Its fixing properties are perfect on long hair to curl them or make them wavy. On strong hair it creates every kind of effect.

SOY: Soy increases the health of fragile and thin hair and helps to reduce their loss.

OAT: Oats promotes melanin’s production and so it is healthy for the scalp and for the hair’s strength helping them to keep a shiny and uniform colour. The minerals contained in oats moisturize and prevent hair aging, giving their body and volume.

PEPPERMINT: Mint is a plant which has well known soothing properties. Its essential oil is used, in cosmetics, to reduce scalp’s irritation and reddening, bringing a feeling of freshness.

EUCALYPTUS: Eucalyptus oil, extract from the dried leaves, can be applied directly on the scalp, increasing hair’s brightness and flexibility.


€ 23,70Preis
  • Apply a bunch of product on wet hair, from the lengths to the ends. While brushing place the product on your wet hair. Excellent on natural and not natural curl, for hair curler perm or if used as men’s gel.

  • High quality products for dry and stressed hair damaged by chemical treatments and colourings. Hydrating line cleanses and softly nourishes the hair giving them body and volume with the nourishing properties of specific essential oils. After the treatment the hair become tidy and softer.