Hydrating styling mousse with yogurt and vanilla, suitable for every hair type. Gives volume and brilliance to hair nourishing and hydrating it deeply. If applied before the drying, creates a protective barrier around hair, protecting it without leaving residuals, and helps fixing the hair-set. Its medium hold makes it good for every kind of hairstyle, with curlers too.

YOGURT: Yogurt’s proteins are known for the invigorating effects on the hair. Lipids contained in it help to maintain the entirety of the cuticle and give brilliance and softness to the hair.

VANILLA: Vanilla essential oil has regenerating, restructuring, purifying, hydrating and nourishing properties. It strengthens the hair, making them softer, brighter and silky. It also prevents split ends.


€ 27,40Preis
  • Apply a bunch of product on wet hair, from the lengths to the ends. While brushing distribute the product on wet hair. Proceed then to hair-set with brush and phon.

  • High quality products for dry and stressed hair damaged by chemical treatments and colourings. Hydrating line cleanses and softly nourishes the hair giving them body and volume with the nourishing properties of specific essential oils. After the treatment the hair become tidy and softer.