Ylang Ylang and linseed oil restructuring serum. Oil with natural mineral extracts to restore the hair structure without weighing it down. Imparts hydration and sheen, bringing out the different shades of colour and making the ends shiny. Suitable even for particularly dry, brittle and dull hair types. Fights frizz thanks to the controlling action of the linseed oil proteins, leaving the hair sleek and soft.

ARGAN: Argan oil is extract from not roasted kernels of the plant, so it keeps its beneficial properties. It helps to invigorate, revitalize, moisturize and brighten every type of hair. It also creates a barrier around the hair, preventing hair loss and promoting growth.

LINSEED: Linseeds oil is an excellent natural remedy for the hair and it is useful to prevent split ends. The fatty acids contained in it help hair’s hydration, keeping their elasticity and strength.

AVOCADO: Avocado oil is used in cosmetics for its nourishing and regenerating properties: it has a very beneficial effect on dry, brittle and fragile hair. Applied to skin and hair it helps to get rid of itching and dandruff problems.

YLANG YLANG: Ylang ylang is a plant with many therapeutics properties which nourish and restore dry hair, slowing down their loss. It fights split ends, giving softness and fluency to the hair. It reinforces the hair bulb and protects the scalp.


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  • Apply 2 or 3 drops on dry hair. Restores the ends.

  • High quality products for dry and stressed hair damaged by chemical treatments and colourings. Hydrating line cleanses and softly nourishes the hair giving them body and volume with the nourishing properties of specific essential oils. After the treatment the hair become tidy and softer.