Rich in natural ingredients, this conditioner is formulated to detangle and protect dry, coloured and chemically treated hair. Its concentration of highly nourishing and revitalising elements leaves the hair perfectly soft, protected and moisturised.

MANGO Ideal ingredient for healthy hair it moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates the cuticle, the protective barrier of the hair. Soothing, smoothing and antioxidant gives shine to the cuticle. It also prevents split ends.

ROSE Rose essential oil is used as a treatment for fragile and damaged hair or against scalp’s peeling. It instantly enhances hair’s solidity and contributes to give health to the hair.


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  • STEP 1: After the shampoo use a bunch of conditioner. Once you have heated up the product with the hands apply it from the ends to the scalp.

    STEP 2: Let rest on your hair from 2 to 4 minutes. Best if used under a source of heat, such as a hot towel.

    STEP 3: Rinse with abundant warm water.

    STEP 4: Wipe the hair with a dry towel.

    STEP 5: Drying your hair.

  • Thickening line protects the scalp with specific oils that invigorate thin hair making them stronger and thicker. The combined action of all the products offers body and volume to the hair by giving them a natural gloss, symbol of healthy hair