Shampoo specifically for thin hair that tends to become greasy. The essential oils of lemon, orange and peppermint cleanse deep into the scalp and keep the hair hydrated, leaving it glossy and full of body.

ORANGE Orange essential oil rebalances the skin preventing problems related to hair loss, giving brilliance and tone to the hair.

LEMON Lemon essential oil: thanks to the vitamins that contains, it has an excellent tonic and restorative effect on the hair.

PEPPERMINT Mint is a plant which has well known soothing properties. Its essential oil is used, in cosmetics, to reduce scalp’s irritation and reddening, bringing a feeling of freshness.


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  • STEP 1: Put on your palm a bunch of shampoo.

    STEP 3: Let rest the shampoo for two minutes.

    STEP 5: Wipe the hair with a dry towel.

  • Thickening line protects the scalp with specific oils that invigorate thin hair making them stronger and thicker. The combined action of all the products offers body and volume to the hair by giving them a natural gloss, symbol of healthy hair